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Wed, Jun. 22nd, 2005, 02:28 pm
nakiwakare: This is going to be the best community ever. No joke.

[02:23PM] TropDePasAssez: I just ate a whole salad serving bowl full of salad
[02:24PM] invalidassembly: that is a ridiculous amount of salad to eat
[02:25PM] invalidassembly: a salad serving bowl size? for salad?
[02:25PM] invalidassembly: CRAZY
[02:25PM] TropDePasAssez: well you know
[02:25PM] TropDePasAssez: like a mixing bowl
[02:25PM] invalidassembly: haha
[02:25PM] invalidassembly: okay
[02:25PM] invalidassembly: got it
[02:26PM] TropDePasAssez: it was not like those puny cereal bowls
[02:26PM] invalidassembly: I GOT IT, THNX
[02:26PM] TropDePasAssez: BE AMAZED
[02:27PM] invalidassembly: MARRY ME
[02:27PM] TropDePasAssez: WOOO!!!!!!
[02:28PM] TropDePasAssez: SALAD FOR LUNCH '05!!!!!!!!!!
[02:28PM] invalidassembly: BIG FUCKIN' SALAD, HELL YEAH

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 10:27 pm
sanjwich: (no subject)

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The VERY FIRST WNC OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 09:56 pm
nakiwakare: Pad Siew Appreciation

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I think we should make it soon.

Sun, Jun. 19th, 2005, 01:52 pm
cameltoesrfunny: (no subject)

I can't make it to WNCC anymore. Fuck.
So here is a picture of Jasper and Ben.
That is all.
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Damn, hotties.

Sun, Jun. 19th, 2005, 11:58 am
nakiwakare: Nothing to do with wednesday

Hi everyone, I'd like to talk a little bit about the farmers market. The farmers market is good. It is good for a number of reasons. It is good because it has owls. It is good because there is a sense of community and friendliness that wafts through the air as freely as the tantalizing food smells. Which brings me to my next point: the farmers market is good because of the lots of double plusgood food there.

My stomach was a growlin' so I wandered over to the handmade tamales table and got me a three dollar vegetable tamal. It comes in a still-green corn husk, and with some tomato habanero sauce spread on top of it. Though habanero is one of the spiciest peppers the average gringo will eat in his gringo life, this sauce was more savory than anything else. They must have put very little habanero in it.

Through the rest of the market I mostly just sampled things. I tried a peach jam from I think Dry Creek something something peach farm, I don't remember. That was damn delicious. Even on a saltine. Then there was the pugsleap goat cheese. Those two guys with funny accents sure know how to milk a good goat. Most delicious goat cheese I've ever tasted. And of course, the reason I was even at the pharmers markit in the first place was because Haley was there with a nice little Jimtown Store table. And Leslie was there too, of course! I brought them samples. And tamales. And Haley gave me a brie + chopped olive spread sammich. Well, we split it. Also, an apricot, which was incredibly juicy. Ok now I'm hungry.

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